Sunday, 5 June 2011

TAKE A SEAT (Well, not literally...boom, boom! Don’t worry, we promise jokes won’t be on the menu at Jessie’s)
Choosing chairs and tables sounded like the easy part – but nuh-uh. After a lot of searching online and in furniture shops and catalogues, we’ve finally decided to do a bit of ‘upcycling’. Partly because we have a budget to stick to; because we believe in doing our bit for the environment; because we just couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for; and as it turns out, because we genuinely love the beautiful old, solid wood furniture we’ve bought, blagged and bargained for all over Tayside. It needs TLC but it’s going to be gorgeous! Eventually! After a lot of hard work! For now, Ross’s future office (his Gran’s old spare room) is piled to the ceiling with all shapes and sizes of mis-matched chairs and tables, all ready to be sanded... primed... undercoated... and glossed. Blimey! When are we going to get all that done, then?!

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