Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hole # 3

Holes are obviously a bit like buses... you go ages without seeing a single one then a ‘hole’ load (sorry!) come along at once... our lovely joiner, Mark, turned up thinking he’d nothing better to do than fit the stainless steel on the walls in Gran’s old kitchen... only to discover the floor has been riddled with woodworm at some stage and a huge chunk needs to be replaced. Unless we can somehow persuade Nick and Maz to just be very careful only to use half the floor and not fall in when they’re rustling up the soup... ok, maybe not. So this week has been all about the floor instead of our lovely shiny new kitchen but we can’t complain too much, since it’s our first real set-back; that’s got to be pretty lucky in such an old house?
Talking of which, it’s been strangely fascinating (honest!!) for Ross, watching Stewart our electrician pull wires from inside walls and somehow magically manage to invisibly thread them around the place. Somehow, he can make them reappear somewhere completely different, miles away, leaving only the tiniest, neatest hole in the wall (sorry to keep mentioning holes). Britain’s Got Talent has a place for you, Stewart, or if Derren Brown ever needs an assistant...!   

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