Monday, 20 June 2011


Sorry there hasn’t been much Blog activity recently...  we’ve been busy, busy, busy making Jessie’s Kitchen look fabulous! It’s less than a week until we open and life is very hectic, especially as we both have day jobs - and three poor, neglected children (so they keep telling us) who’ve been made to pick up paintbrushes or put up with endless visits to DIY stores... But it’s FUN too – and where our hearts now belong! The cafe is turning out exactly how we saw it in our dreams    worth all those late nights! Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because we can’t believe that after all these years of talking about opening our very own cafe, we are now less than a week away! We totally appreciate how lucky we are to be doing what we’ve always, always dreamed of doing. And now we’re seeing it all come together, one painty chair at a time!
Because we have been painting. And painting. And painting some more! Mornings... evenings... weekends... changing tables... mirrors... tables... and chairs, of course. So many chairs! 48 , to be precise! And everything needs to be primed, then undercoated, before even starting on the  two coats of actual paint! Big (no, HUGE actually!) thanks to everyone who’s picked up a brush; Maz, Nick, Maya T (13 and not too fond of painting but has done her bit. For money, but still!), the Turriff’s florists, Nadia, Claire and Janine,  Adrian, our trainee garden-landscaper. Everyone has been amazing – thanks team!
Seeing the white, undercoated  chairs lined up, row upon row, like a Chinese pottery army was a bit daunting, but  we got there! Now they’re glorious shades of pink and make me happy when I look at them ( OK, I never claimed not to be a saddo, did I??) When you visit, look out for our special ‘chair of many colours’ –  a real designer item, created when all that painting finally drove some poor soul MAD and they cracked... we reckon it’s a lucky chair but we’re not planning to charge extra for sitting in it –                                                                            how’s that for good value?!

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