Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hello and WELCOME… to the start of something big, hopefully!! (But something small, friendly and a bit warm and fuzzy, too, if all goes to plan...).
This Blog is about our (and by that I mean Ross, Jacquie and Turriff family’s) hopes, wishes, DIY/builder adventures(!) - and no doubt trials and tribulations - as the dream that we’ve had for a long, long time becomes Jessie’s Kitchen, (instead of ‘Turriff’s Caff’ as our long-suffering friends and family have known it for some time now...).
The PLAN… selfishly, to open a café which offers everything we know WE like in a café – but can’t always find. Although we’ll (hopefully!) be too busy to experience it for ourselves. Hang on a minute, we really haven’t thought this through properly, have we…???
Because let’s face it, when you find the ‘right’ café, it becomes a home-from-home (although Ross would say that was just me, while on maternity leave. Ahem). Somewhere to meet friends, bring the family… or just find a quiet table for one with a coffee, the paper and a sigh of relief...
You’ve also got to have good food, of course; whether it’s an indulgent treat or the healthy option. Which, in our opinion should still be a treat, too!
And if you care about where your food comes from, you can relax because so do we – we plan to offer fresh, local if possible, sometimes even home grown, ingredients. In summer, you’ll even be able to look out of the window and watch us picking the veg for JK salads (and have the last laugh as you relax and chat with friends!).
We also reckon atmosphere is just as important – great surroundings and a warm welcome for everyone, including families. Having three children ourselves, we’ve been there! We want to make Jessie’s Kitchen special for little ones, which will hopefully allow parents to relax and enjoy, too.
And finally, we’re planning a few of those special and memorable touches which are hard to put your finger on but we hope will lift us out of the ordinary and make us your favourite place to visit.  According to our girls, ‘fancy’ toilets are top of the list(!), but we have big plans for the rest of the place, too!!
So, right now, it’s all a bit scary…. but probably the most exciting thing (barring the arrivals of our Gang Of Three – although, it has to be said, this is close and may even be slightly scarier!!) we’ve ever done. Gulp.

We hope you’ll wish us luck – and come and see us sometime around June 20th, all going well!

Broomhall, where it all began.
 We hope you'll visit us to see how things have changed.

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