Monday, 9 May 2011


We’ve been so lucky – we’ve got our dream team for Jessie’s Kitchen and some of you may recognise them!

Nick collecting The Rep's
third  'Restaurant of the
Year' award!!!

NICK WRIGHT is an experienced Chef Manager whom we thought we could only dream of working with. You might know Nick from the delicious food and his front of house charm at The Rep’s Het Café… or remember his best-in-the-whole-wide-world chilli from the original Westie (West Port bar) … or his world-famous steak sandwich from The Blue Mountains (for people of a certain age!). Of course, Nick has many more recipes than this up his sleeve (he popped round yesterday with some of his amazing scones to prove it – please pop round any time, Nick!!) as well as bringing fantastic ideas, experience and inspiration for every area of Jessie’s Kitchen. We’re proud to have him on board!
MARLYN JEFFERY took early retirement from DC Thomson at the end of last year and is sorely missed, not just for her not just for her fabulous organisational and people skills (she’ll kill me for putting that) but for making us laugh! Then laugh some more! People who know her well also know she’s also a great cook! Marlyn was the person everyone asked about everything and she never let us down – now, lucky for us, those skills have been transferred to Jessie’s Kitchen (and she’s been sending us delicious-looking pics of all the new recipes she’s been trying out!). Fantastic to have you on the team, Maz!

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  1. Really looking forward to the opening. Broughty Ferry has been crying out for something like this and with Maz on board it can only be a success.

    Good luck,
    Chris Johnson