Monday, 26 September 2011

Well, the much-looked-forward-to Jessie’s night out was a BIG success then! A huge thanks to Robertson’s restaurant for accommodating us all, creating a special set menu and offering free, generous sharing platters to kick the meal off; the food was delicious, the service perfect and the staff completely lovely (and amazingly tolerant of the slightly squiffy, high-spirited crowd who descended on them...). We shall be back (hopefully, that’s GOOD news...?!).
One of the best bits of the night actually happened before we headed into the Ferry for our meal; when we all met up in the ‘Big Room’ at Jessie’s. For once we were ALL guests, not staff! Sitting there with the view of Tayport and Fife from the bay window all late summer evening-y, cracking bottles of pink fizz (ice buckets full of lager and scrumpy for the lads!) and swapping stories of starting up our very own cafe... life felt pretty good at that moment (okay, so the pink fizz helped too!). And for the ‘wee ones’, with all the excitement of Uni and new towns, new friendships, new jobs in cafes and bars ahead... there was definitely a bit of a buzz in the big room that evening; here’s hoping all the future Jessie’s nights will be as special.
It also shows how fantastic a setting our rooms are in the evenings. Very special, atmospheric and with a different ambience from the hustle and bustle of daytime service. It’s definitely a thought for the future...
Going back to the night out, thanks to Mary-Jane for organising and booking the meal, counting names etc etc; the job everyone always ducks if they can! Where we going at Christmas then, MJ???!

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